Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wacom fail

Realized I've been taking my bamboo wacom for granted.... bought a wacom intuos5 thinking my life would change for the better....but now im completely wacom-less. Neither wacoms are working on any of my computers. Maybe its a sign that I need to go back to traditional media... are a few pieces from costumed figure class (mainly before I became wacom-less). Looking back at these pieces, im not sure how I feel about them. Im definitely going to back and fix them later...I also got some quick in class sketches I'll share later.

Had no wacom while working on this so I had to use the pen tool (which was kind of painful). I remember I used to draw a lot with the pen tool before I got a wacom. I did manage to add a few finishing touches with a wacom from school 15 minutes before class started. The piece felt a bit lackluster overall so I added an eye patch and mustache :P

Official flyers for auction on Feb 28th at IKEA


My mom happened to catch this on the news a few weeks ago so it was pretty exciting and unexpected! Mine is cut off the entire time since its on the side (very far right) but oh well, you get the gist of it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Midterm Madness

Dead week this week. I probably shouldn't be blogging right now but this shouldn't take me more than 10 minutes. Today I spent the entire day rendering my turntables for a few of my models...and it was a DISASTER. I've lost count of how many times I've re-rendered a single model. It went something like this > click render > wait an hour for renders to complete > check back and realized it was COMPLETELY screwed up although it was fine when I previewed them > spend another hour figuring how to fix problem > if all else fails > gives up and redo entire set up > cycle repeats.

Anyways, my classes this term are pretty darn awesome. I'm taking a costumed figure class (as u can see in my latest posts), which is something like a character design class based on live costumed models (how fun is that?!). I had a horrible flu and fever for  a week so I was sad that I had to miss a class, but now im back on my feet again! I was horrible during the first two weeks of class (ugly drawings would be an understatement), but miraculously im getting the hang of it. I'm surprised by how much my approach to character design has changed in the last few weeks. Obviously, im still no-where near good but I'm slowly starting to get a feel for it so im super excited. I can't wait to scan and share some stuff later.

Decided to clean up (sort of) and color another pose from costumed figure class. I probably won't be drawing in this style for awhile...really trying to push myself and get as crazy as possible with character designs. This class is like pushing a giant rock, trying to go as far as possible. EXCITING!

Some REALLY valuable information shared by Stephen Silver (professional character designer/artist). I think every artist out there (especially students) should watch these. The first video/part, Silver talks about not doing free work and he makes some really great points about the whole ordeal. The second part talks about art contests.  VERY IMPORTANT STUFF. I've always hated entering art contests because I always feel like im being taken advantage of and some contests are just plain degrading to artists... really drives me up the wall. The third video talks about ...well what the title says "How to make it as an artist". All three videos gives extremely valuable information that can help every artist in the long run. Watch them. Now.