Friday, May 3, 2013

Portland bus people!

I've been really into drawing people on the bus because Portland has such interesting and unique people!! Now whenever im on the bus I would see people I feel like i HAVE to draw.  Do I feel awkward drawing people in public? Nope the trick is to have a tiny sketchbook and not make it obvious that you're drawing them (usually several glances are enough).

The first few are the oldest ones.

Lots more to come!! :D!!


Here are some models I've done so far this term for my advance modeling class!! I'm still fixing these from critiques I received in class...

 Second project was to model a torso with accurate anatomy. Definitely the hardest project of the class.

<-- This render might look too dark  because the monitors at school are super bright so I had to darken it by 50%. Also im aware that the bottom of the torso looks funny (like little feets!) cause I tried to make an artsy cut line but it wasn't working after I rendered it. Gonna fix it later.

Maintaining polyflow that makes sense...wrecked my brains out trying to get this working. Also u can see the cut line at the bottom here.

 First project of the term! We had a reference for this little guy called Zombean. I was looking at the wrong reference so my proportions came out all wrong... I still like him though!

Concept sketches for illustration class. Project was to use flat simple shapes to define a location. Express the feeling of the location with use of values and shapes.

Saw this girl smoking and talking on her phone with hood and sunglasses on while I was wandering around school area for location shots. It was totally a moment I had to capture. This sketch is a bit Tadahiro inspired.
 I ended up taking this to a finish stage. I liked the first design better but it seemed too generic. Not sure if I liked this piece that much...

Works from last term

A long overdue entry!!

Last term I went to a speed interview and landed an internship! So this term I've been focusing more on working and less school (only taking two classes). Lots of intense photoshop work but the internship is going great and the everything about the studio is awesome. =)  im one happy intern. 

Before the large project started at my internship, they allowed me to play around with cinema 4D (which i've never used before). This is what I did on the first day, just some test models of my headphones and some simple lighting set up. Hope I can learn to use Vray too cause im blown away by how amazing and accurate their lighting is. 

Anywhoo, here are some works from last term. 
First set are from game and pipeline class where we designed, low-poly modeled, and textured our own game prop. We also worked as a class for a small exercise (below). 

Game and pipeline class. 

 As a class we did a quick exercise where each of us modeled/textured a Super Mario game prop in a particular art style. I was in charge of the grey brick wall in the back. We uploaded them into UDK game engine just for fun.
 My final modeled/textured mario kart gas station.

First aid kit  - don't read the labels, they make no sense!! HAHA...theres actually a banana flavored extract, a beer bottle cap, and several alcoholic drinks. Its a troll first aid kit.

Works (in no particular order) I did for a figure drawing class last term. These were originally done on newsprint so it took A LOT of work to photoshop out the grey and uneven lighting. They look a bit washed out because of it. Most of these were 10-20 mins drawings. These are all drawing from a live model.