Monday, July 8, 2013

Last term's stuff

Some 3d and 2d stuff from last term's advance modeling and illustration class.

Alphabet theme design.  Mine was 'strange circus'.

Illustrating a song/melody. Mine was Keep Going by Standing Egg.

So we all hung our pieces on the wall while our instructor played our songs randomly, the idea was to match the song to each piece by the mood and feelings conveyed through the piece.

Final project was to design a snowboard for Burton's. These were my three sketches. The last one wasn't finished.

Final  design and palette.

Minimalist movie poster. We had a few movie options; Kill Bill, Jurassic Park, Toy Story..and a few others (can't remember).

Fixed the bottom of the torso model a bit...

Friend and I had to model each other's head for class. This was a totally last minute project for me. Pulled an all nighter and miraculously even managed to model his glasses and hat.


Original character/concept designs for my final modeling project! Such a fun project.

The story of Pinocchio, Gramps, and the whale...

Modeled and texture in Maya :D