Thursday, February 12, 2015

Top Chef : Season 12

This season was just way too awesome!! TWO female Chinese chefs and TWO Portland chefs kicking major butts!! With me being Chinese (female) and from Portland, I was totally rooting for the four of them...and guess what? They ALL made it to the top/final four. What I found interesting was that they had such a diverse group of contestants and would've made an awesome line-up of character redesigns- all different shapes and sizes with contrasting personalities. If I have time I would love to do an entire line up of all 16 chefs.

Working on this reminded me of how tough character designing is. Its been awhile so I definitely felt a bit can see a lot of my drawing/design weaknesses here. Still have a long way to go, but one step at a time!

Also, I'm back on tumblr ...and other places. just sort of testing which would be the best platform...

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